Hi guys! Happy Monday (and Tax Day)! I work at a tax and accounting office so we were wrapping up the season today!

I came home and made a quick lunch…I haven’t had a wrap in a long time and it sounded good today. With ham, cucumbers, romaine, pickles and honey mustard. And an orange for some color.


It was delicious and very filling. My meals have been really boring lately so it was nice to switch it up a little.

I will probably take a bite out of this chocolate bunny that my boss bought for me for dessert…I think it’s dark chocolate, my favorite!


She also surprised me with a Vera Bradley tote/weekend bag and a matching curling iron sleeve! I am one lucky lady to be working for her (and not just because of the presents)! 🙂


I started a second part-time job on Friday and will be working a few days at each starting this week. It’s at a print shop and I’ll be doing the bookwork…should keep things interesting! And busy! I’m actually thinking of holding off on cupcake orders for a while so that I can get settled into my new job and schedule…it’s hard to say no to people though…

We didn’t do P90X this morning and I’m not really sure what we will do going forward…I think we are all a little sick of it. I want to keep up with working out almost everyday so I’ll have to figure something out! My dad and I signed up for another 5K in two weeks so I should probably start running a little more.

How do you stay motivated with exercise? How many days a week do you work out?