Hi guys! I had the day off today so I got to sleep in a little bit. It’s funny how “sleeping in” means 7:00 now…am I finally growing up? πŸ˜‰

We planned to do some P90X at 7:30 but I really was not in the mood for it and knew that I wouldn’t put in an honest effort. So I decided to skip the workout and get on with my day. Sometimes you just have to roll with it!

I cleaned up a little and threw together some breakfast. No, that’s not dog food, but rather Kashi honey roasted oat cereal (milk added after). It kind of tasted like pet food on the first bite (not that I would know what it tastes like) but wasn’t too bad after a few more bites. A huge orange was enjoyed on the side.


I decided to head to the mall to look for some Easter clothes for Reid and meΒ (Reid and I? I always forget which one it is) so I quickly showered and headed out. It was so windy today! It was almost blowing me off the highway…

A successful trip! I got an outfit for Reid, as well as a few random shirts, and a few items for myself.


A striped boatneck long sleeved shirt from H&M, a black dress from Gap, and a mint green sweater and skinny leather belt from J. Crew…all on sale, of course.



I also picked up this bag at J. Crew…it was on mega clearance and I just couldn’t pass it up. I’ve been wanting a larger cross-body bag for a while but this one might be too big…I really want to be able to fit my SLR in my bag! It would definitely fit in this one…


It’s hard to get a picture of it but the top folds down more…it has two small handles (the studded parts) on top so you can carry it that way too. I’ll have to wear it around a little more but it might be going back…

On the way home I grabbed my favorite sandwich from Twelve Pine…the smokehouse panini (turkey, spinach, cheese, apple, candied pecans, and spicy mustard on wheat). I really need to just make this at home already.


Some cheddar bunnies were nibbled on the side because I’m like, five.


A delightful lunch! It was eaten a bit late, though, so I probably ruined my appetite for dinner…oh well. Ice cream will always work. πŸ™‚

Peace out!

Any favorite panini combos that I should try?