Hi friends! It’s almost Friday! (Friday, gotta get down on Friday) Sorry. πŸ™‚

Since we haven’t been doing P90X I haven’t been waking up early for my workouts…I’m really missing the early sweat sessions! It really wakes me up and I don’t feel so rushed all day…must get back into it!

I didn’t leave enough time to go for a run this morning so I whipped up some breakfast instead. Food > running. I wasn’t feeling the usual eggs so I put together a yogurt bowl instead.


It included pineapple Chobani, raw oats, chia seeds, and some strawberries. Tasty and perfectly filling, thanks to the protein content of greek yogurt and chia. I can see this making a comeback as the days get warmer.

Once home from work I threw together a hefty salad with some staying power…romaine, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, two slices of ham, croutons, and pepper jack cheese. Some pickles jumped into the bowl too.



Honey mustard joined the party as well.

I was determined to get a run in today and suited up shortly after lunch. Since my water intake was rather low today I decided to sport my lovely fuel belt with one of the water bottles (mine holds two), even though I was only planning on four miles. I usually take it (or my Camelbak) out on runs that’ll last over an hour. I try to always carry some form of sugar with me, no matter the length, just in case my blood sugar levels drop suddenly.



You know you want one.

It was a bit chilly and the sky kept spitting but it was a great run! I got a few side cramps, which I’m sure were from not enough water and not waiting long enough after I ate, but I kept moving along. I took a quieter route than normal and it was really peaceful and calming. Just me and the road…and my fuel belt, Garmin, iPod, cell phone, fruit snacks, etc. πŸ™‚ The life of a modern runner (though I know many today are minimalists too). I underestimated the loop and ended up doing 5 miles (in 49:22). A successful jaunt!

After stretching and a brief shower, I’m ready for some dinner! Take-out would be nice… πŸ˜‰

Do you carry water when you run? What method do you prefer (hand-held, belt, or backpack, or…)?