Hi guys! How was your weekend? We didn’t do too much, though I did run 7 miles with my dad on Saturday. The loop was great but I think it was a little ambitious…I probably walked about a mile of it! I’m hoping to start doing a long run every weekend so it was a good start.

Breakfast was a quick bowl of cereal and an iced coffee…not very exciting. Once home I was pretty hungry and started snacking on some leftover spinach dip that I made for a Mother’s Day get-together yesterday.


Well, this plate (times 2) became my lunch…and I threw in an apple to round out the meal.


Not the best lunch but oh well…sometimes you just have to roll with it!

And I’m not sure what I was thinking but I decided to head out for a run shortly after eating this nutrition-packed meal. Bad idea, obviously. I planned to run three miles but ended up taking a shortcut to make it two, and walked the second mile! My stomach was cramping pretty badly. Will I ever learn?

I’m off to chug some water since my intake today has been super low!

What is the best meal that you’ve had lately? I need dinner ideas! Feel free to share recipes/links!