Hi friends! Monday again…it comes much too soon!

It has been raining like crazy and the forecast is looking pretty bleak for the rest of the week…kind of a bummer, especially for running. It may actually be a good thing though, as I really need new sneakers and shouldn’t be running with my old ones. I tried to go out for a 5 miler last week and had to cut it short at 3 because my shins were killing me…hopefully I can get out to pick some up soon!

My meals this weekend were anything but healthy (I had french fries twice, pizza, cake, and maybe some fruit and veggies on the side) and not surprisingly I woke up this morning feeling really blah. Once home from work I was craving veggies but was too lazy to make up a salad…so a sandwich sufficed. I had tuna with celery, mayo, salt, and pepper on Great Harvest honey whole wheat, with some dried pineapple and peaches.



The dried baby pineapple from Trader Joe’s is better than candy…I had never tried dried peaches but they tasted like apricots.

Rather than head out in the rain or to the gym (blah) I did two workouts on Exercise TV. It was 45 minutes total of kickboxing and piloxing (pilates and kick boxing). I worked up quite a sweat and felt so much better afterwards.

I think the key (for me anyway) to maintaining a healthy balance is to not let slip ups get in the way of the bigger picture. A weekend of indulgent meals is not going to derail months of exercise and healthier choices. A missed workout is not going to mean loss of fitness. As long as I choose healthier options the next day or at the next meal, I try not to worry about it. And french fries are just too delicious to avoid completely. Smile

I made up a quick egg dish after my workout and while it was cooking, I indulged in my latest obsession…

I am such a nerd but I am seriously addicted…anyone else?? Anyone? If you’re not familiar it’s like scrabble and you play against other users. I’m pretty much the master so look me up if you want to be dominated. Winking smile Can you believe I had never played scrabble before? My name is Ashley and I live under a rock.

Amidst the letters and triple word scores, dinner was served. The casserole had hash browns, eggs, green peppers, pepper jack cheese, and ham. Some berries rounded out the meal.




It tasted really good on a cool, rainy night and was so easy to put together.

I have been snacking on these chocolate covered almonds and they will probably be dessert too. Pretty delicious! And addicting. Like Words with Friends.


You know you want to play! Open-mouthed smile