(That was my name in Spanish class for five years…)

Hi guys! I can’t believe this week is almost over! Crazy.

Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the gym this morning…I was pretty annoyed with myself! I really need to get new running shoes this weekend so I can get some mileage in.

After work I came home and made a big, leafy salad. I was craving veggies!


Romaine, broccoli slaw, tomatoes, cucumber, feta, ham, and croutons. Honey mustard was drizzled on after the photo.

Delicious…just what I was needing!

I had something new on the menu for dinner and I was excited to try it…homemade tortillas! I browsed Foodgawker for a recipe and was pleasantly surprised with how easy they seemed to make. I printed out this recipe and got down to business.

Kneading the dough, which is just flour (I used half white and half whole wheat), shortening, salt, and hot water.


Separated and ready for chilling.


All rolled out and draped around the kitchen. Mine were not very uniform or round.


To cook, just heat a dry skillet over medium-high heat. Cook on each side for about 30-45 seconds. That’s it!



Who knew they were so easy? They were good but not mind-blowing…though I don’t think flour tortillas ever are. If I made them again I would add something to the dough, maybe some herbs or a garlic paste…just for a little pizzazz! Yes, I said pizzazz.

We made tacos with leftover pulled pork from the freezer (finally gone Smile), broccoli slaw, TJ’s salsa and plain greek yogurt.



Yum! I had two.

Mint chip ice cream completed the evening. I only eat the green kind. Open-mouthed smile


What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Since I could never chose just one, mine are (green) mint chip and coffee. I have an ice cream problem, actually. It’s a delicious problem to have.