Hi friends! Happy Saturday! For some reason Reid and I both woke up this morning thinking it was Sunday…

I slept in a bit and rolled out of bed around 9…it felt great! Not that I wake up very early during the week but it’s still nice not using an alarm clock.

I snacked on a bunch of strawberries while I made a bowl of oatmeal…it was the same as earlier in the week, banana oats loaded with walnuts and pb chips!


Served in the same bowl and everything…how’s that for variety? Smile


Delicious, as usual. Enjoyed in my Eat More Kale shirt…I saw it on Kath’s blog and had to get one for myself.


Reid picked me up an iced coffee while I was busy cleaning…what a dear!


Dunkin’s coffee is either a hit or miss and this was a huge hit! It was surprisingly delicious. Dark roast with milk and sugar. I could go for another.

As mentioned, my morning was taken up by lots of cleaning. I scrubbed the house from top to bottom…it feels so good! I think that counts as cardio, don’t you?

After I was done I went out to “help” Reid in the garden. Helping consists of sitting in the grass, taking pictures, and complaining about the bugs, if you must know.


Planting tomatoes!


We expanded our garden but also got rid of the smaller one closer to the house…we’ll just do one this year. Can’t wait for fresh veggies and herbs! We’ll have plenty to share too.

Reid took a break from planting to run to the thrift store with me to get a dresser that I’ve been eyeing. It was only $75 and I love it! It’ll live in our laundry room and hold Reid’s work clothes for now.


Laundry detergent.


I’ll probably add another glass jar or a vase or something.

Enjoy your weekend!!

Tune in tomorrow for a fun Fashion Fix post (if that’s your thing).

Do you have a vegetable garden? What do you normally plant?

This is our second year planting a garden. Once completed it will consist of potatoes, tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers, onions, bell peppers, kale, various herbs, and probably lots more that I can’t think of.