This week is just zooming by! Can’t believe it’s already Thursday…

Hope you’re having a good week! I had a hair appointment right after work yesterday and didn’t get home until later…so dinner was rushed and easy, eggs, toast, and watermelon!

I’m a little on the fence about my new bangs…I always want them but then they get annoying very fast and I regret cutting them…we’ll see how long these last before I’m trying to pin them back. Smile



I’ll post a better picture sometime when I actually style them…the rest of the cut was just a trim, with some fresh color all over.

Breakfast was grabbed on the go from Dunkin Donuts…an iced coffee and an egg and cheese bagel. Attempting to style new bangs=almost late for work.

It was a short day so once home I tried to decide on something for lunch. I wasn’t super hungry so I made another boring bowl of oatmeal. Same as the last few times so I won’t bore you with the details.


A peach on the side, but I only took a few bites because it wasn’t very juicy. Yuck!

I’m really excited now for two reasons…

I just ordered a laptop, finally! It’s an anniversary present from Reid (it’s on Monday). I just love it him! Open-mouthed smile


Yup, it’s flowered. Because I can. Won’t Reid look cute using this when traveling? I thought so too. Winking smile 

It’s a refurb (it’s not available new anymore) and I’m a little nervous about that but the reviews and specs are pretty good…hopefully it won’t be a lemon! Hurry up and get here!

Have you ever bought any refurbished electronics? Any problems?

Oh, and the second reason why I’m really excited is because I’m trying out my first Zumba class later!! Yippee! Hopefully I survive. I’m kind of nervous too…

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Have you tried Zumba (a dance fitness class)? What did you think?