It was such a nice day today, much too nice to be stuck in the office! But stuck I was. Iced coffee made it bearable. 🙂

I really wanted fro-yo for lunch but decided to stick with the salad I packed…I needed greens more than dairy! I packed half a red pepper filled with tuna salad (random but amazingly delicious…try it!) on top of a bed of spinach. I sprinkled some walnuts and flaxseed on top, and added some honey mustard once I munched the pepper. Veggie power!


On another note, I also had two small monster cookies for dessert.


Reid has been getting home quite late lately so I’ve been looking into more classes at the gym. The schedule online showed a kickboxing class at 5:30 so I headed over…only to find out that they changed the schedule! Ugh. They had a yoga class at the same time but I wasn’t really feeling it and settled for some treadmill time and weights instead.

After a warm-up on the treadmill I started using some of the weight machines. I had only completed a few sets when I started feeling really gross. I headed into the locker room to sit down for a bit and seriously thought I was going to pass out. Not fun!! I ended up just heading home, rather than pushing myself, but I’m feeling pretty discouraged! I really need to get into a schedule again…at least I got something in, right?

My calories for the day may have been a little low so I grabbed a smoothie on my way home and feel much better now. Maybe tomorrow? 😦

I whipped up a stir-fry for one (well, for two…I’ll assemble Reid’s once he gets home) for a quick dinner…I forgot about this recipe! So good. I left out the chicken this time and added some green onions.


How are you getting your veggies in lately?

I’ve been packing a salad for lunch most days…it’s so quick, fresh, and delicious!