Hi friends! Hope you’re having an awesome week!!

My day started bright and early with a 4 a.m. airport run and it’s been almost non-stop since! I knew today was going to be crazy, though, and I’m glad that it’s almost over!

I had to work today and grabbed an egg and cheese bagel sandwich and an iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts on my way in. This is happening more than I care to admit and needs to stop. There’s nothing wrong with it once in a while but not almost everyday! Seriously, I need to get up earlier.

It was a scorcher today so after work I stopped in at my parents house to sit by the pool for a while. I ended up grabbing lunch from their fridge…a salad with romaine, carrots, cucumbers, and peppers that I topped with some pasta salad and Italian dressing. It was really good and tasted like summer!


I also grabbed a small can of diet coke…


I don’t drink soda very much anymore and actually don’t really care for it. I only had about half of the can. I also had two brownie bites that disappeared too quickly for a picture.

After a couple hours relaxing by the pool I did some bookwork for my dad’s company and raced home to get ready for Zumba. I was home for about five minutes and then headed to the gym. I am loving this class!! It was much smoother than last week (I didn’t elbow myself this time) since I remembered some of the moves and I had such a blast. I definitely want to make this a weekly thing. Our gym doesn’t offer early morning classes which is a bummer but one or two nights a week will work!

I was so hot afterwards that a smoothie was the only thing that sounded good for dinner. Out of laziness, rather than make my own at home, I stopped at McDonald’s for a wild berry smoothie. It’s kind of tragic that we don’t have anywhere else to get smoothies close by…


Since this was a meal I got a large, thinking that it would have around 500 calories. I looked it up online and it only has 320…I was a little surprised! I may grab something else if this doesn’t stick. Not the best smoothie I’ve ever had but it surely cooled me off!

It’s now 7:30 and I’m ready for bed! 😀 Party animal.

Any fun plans for the weekend?

I’m hoping to get a little shopping in and maybe a mani/pedi. Just girl stuff. 🙂