Happy Saturday!! It’s rainy and dreary over here, but that’s ok…

Last night I went with my parents and my younger sister to do some shopping and dining. We ended up going to the Natick Collection (in Natick, MA). For dinner we stopped into Met Bar & Grill for some gourmet burgers. They have a whole menu devoted to burgers (with another menu with lots of other options but I didn’t even get a chance to look at it).

To start, we ordered the spinach artichoke flatbread, which was really good. I may just order this and a salad next time! I forgot both my SLR and point and shoot at home so phone pics will have to do.


I had two slices.

For my entree I ordered a beef burger with pepper jack cheese, arugula, mushrooms, and roasted garlic aioli (I think they forgot it though) on a whole wheat bun. The burgers were really thick and a little hard to eat. Mine was a little dry too. It came with a side of mayo (ick) and I ended up using a little to make up for the missing aioli. The french fries were delicious though! 🙂


I think I’m coming to realize that I just don’t really like red meat in general. They have a salmon burger and a veggie burger that I would like to try though.

We did a bit of shopping afterwards…I picked up a few shirts but may be returning two of them. We grabbed some yogurt from Red Mango before heading out. It was a fun evening!

This morning has been relaxing with a trip to the nail salon for a mani/pedi and a stop at the farm stand on my way home. We were out of bread, milk, and fruit so it was much needed!


Red grapes (organic), watermelon, cantaloupe (o), an avacado (o), minced garlic (o), garlic and herb goat cheese, cherry tomatoes…


Spinach, shredded carrots, strawberries, fat-free milk (o)…


Sunflower butter, Honest Ade lemonade, a pb cookie (the best ever), and kalamata olive and rosemary bread (hello again!).


I also picked up a NH made t-shirt made with organic cotton since they were all on sale and I have a shopping problem. It’s really soft!


I’m enjoying an iced coffee and will make some lunch soon…probably using every last thing that I bought! 🙂



Lilacism by Essie…I’m kind of on the fence about it.


Are you a hot or iced coffee drinker?

Obviously, I am strictly an iced coffee drinker. I don’t really enjoy hot beverages of any kind, even in the winter! I’ll have an occasional cup of hot tea but that’s about it.