Hi guys! Hope you had an awesome weekend!

I had big plans to make it to the gym this morning before work and even laid out my clothes last night. Alas, it didn’t work and the snooze button was hit a few times. I have a problem…and the solution is to get to bed earlier! 😉

I did manage to get up early enough to make some breakfast so at least that is a step in the right direction. Green bubbles!


I mixed up a smoothie with a handful of frozen strawberries, half a frozen banana, a cup of fat-free milk, some spinach and a scoop of vanilla protein powder.


Delicious! I slurped it down in the car. Random: Does the smell of wilting spinach or spring mix make anyone else gag? I can’t stand that smell! The rest of the bag went straight into the trash after I picked through it. And no, this isn’t a recent aversion. 😉

I got out of work a little early because I had another unpleasant occurrence…a trip to the dentist! Not fun. It was just a cleaning but still…at least I don’t have any cavities!

I stopped into Twelve Pine to grab some lunch since it was 2:00 already and I was famished! I ordered the hummus and veggie panini, with a bag of chips and sparkling water to go with it. I enjoyed it outside on the patio (I had it to myself!) so I was able to snap some phone pics…they don’t allow pictures inside! It was such a nice day and I just sat and enjoyed it.




I only had about two chips but polished off the sandwich…it was really good!

I’ve decided to try going meat-free this week…mainly just to see if I would miss it or not. I mentioned last week that I’m realizing that I don’t really enjoy red meat so this is a little experiment. I don’t normally eat a lot of it so it won’t be too difficult. I started yesterday so today is Day 2.

I don’t think that eating meat is necessarily a bad thing (as long as it’s in moderation and from a good source) so this is strictly just a palate preference thing. I will still make regular meals for Reid and just alter my portion, or make something else for myself.

I cleaned for a bit once I got home and then headed to the gym for some cardio and strength training. I warmed up for 10 minutes on the elliptical and then started in on the weight machines and free weights for 45 minutes. It felt so good to work the muscles!! I ended the session with 20 minutes of spinning. I felt great the whole time so I’m not sure what was going on last week…

Cue the cheesy pictures.



Clearly I was proud. 🙂

Well, I’m off to make some dinner, most likely a veggie omelet with a side of fruit, and watch The Bachelorette!

Enjoy your evening!

What is your favorite vegetarian dish?

Thoughts on going to the dentist? Hate it or are you indifferent?