Hi friends! Hope you’re having a splendid day!

Another rather sluggish day over here since my pump was acting up again last night and I wasn’t getting any insulin. Not good! Hopefully the issue is fixed as I’m rather sick of feeling so lethargic.

I grabbed a Clif bar and an iced coffee for breakfast and packed a lunch for work…a huge salad that I got sick of eating before it was gone! Loaded with veggies…romaine, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber slices, ham, and croutons. I used some of the honey mustard that I left at the office.



Finding the Balance: Fitness

I thought I’d talk a little about how I started working exercise into my daily routine (well, almost daily :)). I was pretty active in high school, never really a runner but I played field hockey and was pretty active with school, extracurricular activities, and work.

(Source– Not me, just a random picture :))

After high school, though, my workouts were sporadic at best. It was around this time that I was diagnosed with Type 1 (juvenile) diabetes and taking charge of that aspect of my life took priority. Once my blood sugar levels were under control and I started using an insulin pump, I was able to meet with an exercise physiologist (who specialized in diabetes care) to put together a workout schedule. We decided that I would exercise 3-5 times a week. That lasted for a little while but I never made it a priority.

Some friends of mine had ran a half marathon and I was really impressed and considered it a major accomplishment. Running was not something I did very often nor particularly enjoyed so I never thought that it was something I would do. After looking up some races, I bought a pair of running shoes and started pounding the pavement. I followed Hal Higdon’s Novice Half Marathon plan, pretty strictly too. If it said to run 5 miles, I ran 5 miles.


Picking a half marathon as my first race was not the smartest choice, as I came to find out when I was sidelined a few weeks before the race with a stress injury in my tibia. It wasn’t quite a fracture but it was still too painful to run. I didn’t let it deter me, though, and after a few months off (rather sedentary months, I might add) I started training again. I took things a little easier and went on to run two half marathons (recaps here and here) and multiple 5ks.

After a while I started to burn out on running. I still loved it but just didn’t find it as enjoyable when it was my only form of exercise. I started adding in some strength training but didn’t really stick with it. I recently stopped running so much and started doing the P90X training program. I liked it a a lot, but as with running, I started to get sick of it after about 9 weeks.


I tell you these things to bore you to tears to show how I came to find a balance with the fitness side of healthy living. While some people run, and only run (or swim, bike, etc.), I’ve found that I need to mix things up to keep up with this side of the equation. After too much of one thing, I get bored and stop. Your body also usually responds well to change in your exercise routine.

I’ve finally found what works for me, and that is: no strict training plans/programs, planned (and unplanned) rest days, and variety. The last point is key. I still love running but I also love strength training, walking, Zumba, kickboxing and spinning. Why pick just one? I still try to exercise 3-5 days a week but rather than having a specific plan, I do what I’m feeling each day. I’ve found it to be much less stressful and therefore, enjoyable! I look forward to my workout most days…most. 😀

Do you stick to one main form of exercise or do you switch it up?

Top Three Tuesday- What are the top three places you have visited?

  • Hawaii (Our honeymoon)
  • France/Spain (that counts as one, right?)
  • Barbados

And in case you didn’t see it in the comments section of yesterday’s post, the answer to the Mad Gab riddle was Jack of all Trades. 🙂