What’s happening? I didn’t sleep very well last night and iced coffee got me through the work day today, with a little help from some fro-yo for lunch. 🙂 Sometimes it’s necessary.

I had big plans for a run but it started pouring right before I was heading home. Such is life. Since I had a pretty killer workout at the gym yesterday I wanted to keep it lighter today. I decided to do a kickboxing video on Exercise TV…I can’t remember the name but it was 25 minutes and actually really good! Kickboxing rocks my socks. Love it!


I got a little shaky after so I snacked on bread with sunflower seed butter, times two. Mmm…


I needed a quick dinner and had a few Trader Joe’s purchases still to try so it worked out perfectly.


A simple salad to start, with romaine, parmesan, black pepper, and caesar dressing.


I cooked up some ground beef and mixed it with the sauce to simmer for a bit. Served over the brown rice pasta and we were all set! The pasta was a little on the gummy side but I’m not sure if that’s how it is or if I overcooked it…I thought I watched it pretty closely, though…I think I like whole wheat better.


Quick and filling! The marinara sauce was pretty good for a jarred sauce. Definitely something I would keep on hand for nights like this!

Have you tried sunflower seed butter? How about brown rice pasta?

If you haven’t tried sunflower seed butter, you must. So deliciously drippy…