Hi guys! It’s the weekend! I can hardly believe it…this week flew by!

It’s raining, again, and nothing sounded better than some fluffy pancakes! I planned to get to the gym early this morning but you know how that goes. Smile Instead, I laid in bed for a while and read a book (I’m on to my third book in three days…nerd alert) before rolling out to make some breakfast.

I quickly searched through some cookbooks for an easy pancake recipe and chose one for buttermilk pancakes. I’m not going to share the recipe, though, because it wasn’t my favorite. For some reason it tasted really egg-y, though it only had one egg (for two servings)!


I, of course, still ate them, drizzled with some real maple syrup. A bowl of melon and strawberries rounded out the meal.



I’m now getting some cleaning done that has been neglected while my nose has been glued to a book. Funny how that happens… Winking smile I am planning on heading to the gym this afternoon.

Iced coffee is needed.

Do you make ‘special’ breakfasts on the weekends? What is the best breakfast you’ve ever had?

I think it’s a tie for best breakfast for me:

  • A veggie omelet from John G’s in Lake Worth, FL. To die for. They serve it with a little bit of cheese sauce on top, which sounds kind of gross but it’s delicious. I think they might be closing and it makes me want to cry.
  • Waffles from the breakfast buffet at the Ritz Carlton in Jamaica. They had this caramel topping that I could have drank…I promise I didn’t…promise.

Now I’m ready for breakfast, round 2! Winking smile