Hi guys! Hope you’re enjoying our weekend!

It’s been pretty chill over here…I made it to the gym yesterday afternoon and got a killer workout in…elliptical warm-up, 45 minutes of full-body strength, and 25 minutes on the bike! I’m really enjoying spinning right now…fun stuff!

We hung out for the rest of the night and Reid even made dinner!


He grilled up some veggies (potatoes from our garden!), in foil pouches, and some pre-marinated steak tips. The veggies were incredible…he should do this more often! 😉

After church this morning we had to get my rings inspected and stopped at a little hotdog stand on the way for lunch, no pictures but it was really good, with homemade rolls and beans!

Other eats from today…oatmeal for dinner and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies!



The cookies are pretty amazing and may not survive the night. 🙂 Can we pretend that they’re packed with veggies?

I’m off to finish up my fourth book of the week! I have issues.

Tune in tomorrow for Mad Gab Monday! Something to look forward to! 😉

What are you looking forward to this week?

Umm, I’m looking forward to the coming holiday weekend! Does that count?