No, not this kind. Hawt.


We decided to take advantage of the amazing weather we’re having and do some grilling for dinner. Reid almost always assumes the roll of grill master and I do the prep work and stovetop cooking or baking. It’s a man thing…even if he’s grilling asparagus! Winking smile


Isn’t it beautiful? We kept it simple by tossing it with a little EVOO and sprinkling it with sea salt.


Grilled to perfection and topped with some parmesan cheese! Amazing.


Reid also pulled up some potatoes from the garden and I was in charge of boiling them. I know, it was a challenge.


Tossed with some butter, salt, and Garlic Gold nuggets…divine. There’s nothing like garden-fresh potatoes…


Grilled kielbasa joined the party and we had ourselves a meal! It came together in about 20 minutes. Hooray for teamwork!


This meal was so simple and fresh…the best kind!

I’m trying to convince Reid to walk to the ice cream stand with me…so far it’s not working…it’s probably for the best since I didn’t get to the gym today.

Who am I kidding? Winking smile

What’s for dinner tonight?