Hi friends! Enjoying your week? We’ve had some awesome weather in New England…today was almost too hot! It definitely would’ve been nice to spend it by the pool, rather than at a desk!

Dinners lately seem to be falling into the ‘quick and easy’ category. Who feels like spending time in a hot kitchen? Not this girl.

Last night we tried something new (to us)…event though it feels like we’ve been living off of burgers lately!


I’ve never had a salmon burger and was excited to try them! You don’t thaw them before cooking so they work out great for a last minute meal. I whipped up some homemade tartar sauce to top them off.

In the mix: mayo, diced dill pickles, diced onion, dried parsley, and a pinch of sea salt.


I cooked the burgers on the griddle with a drizzle of olive oil for about 4 minutes on each side. We devoured them with a mountain of kale chips for some green. The burgers were surprisingly delicious! My expectations were pretty low but they came through for us and I’ll definitely be buying them again for a quick meal.



My oh my. The tartar sauce was the perfect accompaniment…I loved the dill flavor and would probably add the herb next time! A touch of lemon juice would probably be good too.

For dinner tonight we again wanted something easy, yet didn’t even want to turn the oven on! We threw together some salads and called it good.


To say that these were huge would be an understatement…I got a little carried away! They included romaine, red peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, ham, and croutons. I was a little disappointed to find that I left the honey mustard dressing in the fridge at work so I settled on Caesar instead. Delish and nutrish!

The croutons were the best part…and we sometimes pronounce it ‘crew-tins’ because we’re cool like that. Want to be friends?

Open-mouthed smile

Enjoy your evening!

Salmon burgers: yay or nay?

Any words that you mispronounce on purpose?

Come on, you know you do! There are too many to name for Reid and me…usually it’s something we’ve heard somewhere and is kind of an inside joke. But if people heard us they would probably question our education. Winking smile It’s a little embarrassing.