Hi guys! Enjoying your Saturday?

I’ve been a lazy blogger again…there’s something in this summer air! 😉 It truly feels like summer vacation…I have the next 8 days off! I can’t even believe it…I’m hoping to get lots of cleaning and pool time in!


I have a cupcake order to fulfill this weekend so I was up early, mixer going at full speed. I knew it was going to be a hot one today so I didn’t want to be in the kitchen with the oven on in the middle of the day…I’m a wimp! I’m not really taking orders right now but this was booked a while ago…


Reid brewed some coffee yesterday and I chilled the leftovers for iced coffee. Definitely needed it this morning!


I whipped up 3 batches (vanilla, chocolate, and carrot) in no time and was cleaning the kitchen by 9:30…and it was hot already! I’ll frost them later tonight…


Once everything was cleaned up I ate a pineapple Chobani for breakfast. I wasn’t very hungry (I had a bite of each flavor for quality control ;)) and wanted something cool and quick.


I cleaned up the house a little and then headed to my parents house to lounge by the pool…the real reason for the early cupcake adventures. 🙂 I sat around and read Clean Eating for a while. I brought my laptop and munched on some strawberries while writing on the patio when I got too hot…this is the life!


Summer, don’t ever end!! Some Doritos were consumed as well…because deep down I’m a junk food addict.


Well, I’m headed home…another iced coffee is in my future! I need to come up with something to make for dinner, probably involving shrimp since I have some in the freezer.

What’s your favorite way to prepare/eat shrimp?

I usually make shrimp scampi but I might try grilling them this time…Clean Eating had a yummy recipe for some sort of Thai shrimp skewers that I want to try!