One of the better Monday mornings in a while! No work will do that… Winking smile

Reid actually didn’t have to go in until 9 today (it’s usually 6) so we got up together and I made him some breakfast. I wish we could do this every morning! I sipped an iced coffee and we chatted for a bit.


I’m really glad the we started brewing coffee again since it saves a bunch of money! I just need to limit myself since it’s so easy to just pour another glass…Will Run for Coffee?? I love it.


I’m going to order some flavored coffee (Southern Pecan!) and buy an ice cube tray to make frozen coffee cubes! This is getting a little out of hand…I can’t wait. Open-mouthed smile

I wasn’t very hungry so I held off on breakfast and started on my list of things I wanted to get done this week around the house. We have a houseguest coming next weeks so I especially need to get our guest bedroom in shape. I took a break to make some breakfast around 10.


I’ve been missing eggs lately! So good. A little later a chocolate peanut butter cupcake was calling my name…


How could I resist?


I couldn’t…bedhead and all.

I was going to hit the gym this afternoon but I might push it off until later and go to a 6:30 Zumba class…

Enjoy your day!!