Hi guys! Hope you had a great Monday!

After getting some cleaning done this morning I showered and headed to the farmer’s market…I’m going to all the ones in the area to hopefully find a good one. Well, no dice. It was pretty small and didn’t have much of a variety. Ah, small towns! I did pick up a small hand-carved wooden spoon but forgot to take a picture.

I stopped at Nature’s Green Grocer on the way home and picked up some goodies…


Blueberries, apples (pink lady), and an avocado, a mango kombucha, bread, ham, and a new bar. Everything is organic.


So, this was my second time trying kombucha (fermented tea) and I just can’t do it…I want to like it since it’s really good for you but I just don’t. The mango was better than the other one I tried (not sure what flavor it was) but still not delicious.



For lunch I made a quick salad with romaine topped with pasta salad and Italian dressing.


We made grilled pizza again for dinner…I experimented with sauteed garlic kale and feta…



Reid said it was “definitely not fabulous.” LOL…it was better in theory. Something was just off.


I had one slice of the kale and feta and two slices with ham.


I headed to the gym for a 6:30 Zumba class that was amazing, but hot! I was dripping by the end and actually felt a little dizzy. My water bottle was definitely empty by the time it was over! I finished it off with a quick 10-minute weight session and headed home.

After a cool shower, I’m watching The Bachelorette and enjoying an apple. It’s one of the best apples I’ve ever had and I could eat all of them. But I guess I’ll share. 🙂

Good night!