Hi guys! Hope you’re having a good day!

I slept in a little this morning since, as I tweeted last night, I was vacuuming and mopping at 9:30 pm! That’s what a late night (8:00) coffee will do to you! Smile Not that it was a bad thing but I didn’t get to bed until after midnight.

I decided to do a little shopping today so I showered right after I got up and headed out, grabbing a bagel and coffee from Dunkin Donuts on my way. We are really low on groceries so nothing in my kitchen sounded good.

I dropped off a huge bag of clothes at a consignment shop and had a return at TJ Maxx and a gift card to Target so those were my stops. We are on a strict budget lately so I was trying not to spend any money…almost made it! Winking smile 

My TJ’s finds…I spent $25 but it was store credit.


Bowls!! Aren’t they cute? Only a food blogger would buy random dishes…I’m in love with them.


I also picked up a bamboo cutting board and little white tray-like plate.


At Target I had a gift card but did end up spending a little over ($30)…not bad for everything I got!

A rug to go right inside our front door…we need something really flat since the door is really low. This one is going back. It just looks really cheap (and it was…only $12.99). I think it ‘s the edges that do it…oh well!


A new bathing suit…I pieced it together since they didn’t have anymore bottoms to go with the top. The white and gold ones were on the sale rack for $10. I have some other bottoms that I’m planning on wearing with the top as well (hot pink, off-white, gray striped). It’s so versatile and flattering!


Workout clothes…finally! I was in desperate need. Two tanks and a skirt (with shorts underneath). I was a little on the fence about the skirt but it is so comfy! It’s for running but I’ll probably wear it to Zumba. Lots of gray!


And I definitely just had to look up gray vs. grey because I couldn’t remember which one was right…well, they both are! Open-mouthed smile

And last but not least, this metal vase…


It’s actually a lantern (you put a candle in it) but the bottom is missing so it was on sale for $7.49 (from $29.99).


Score! I’ll probably buy some silk flowers for it at some point.

Whew! Quite the haul, and mostly “free”!

I was planning to use the leftover quinoa from last night but wasn’t all that hungry…instead I made sunflower seed butter and raspberry jam toast.


Does someone what to go grocery shopping for me?? Please? Smile

And fun purchases/deals lately?