Hi friends! Today was a much better day than yesterday! Smile Hope you had a good day too!

Breakfast consisted of a bowl of Cheerios with blueberries and an iced coffee…which reminds me that I need to brew some more for tomorrow! I’ve only purchased one coffee in the past two weeks! Not bad…

I got home around 1:30 but could not think of anything that I was in the mood to eat for lunch. It was a sticky day so nothing really sounded good. I finally made a tuna sandwich at 2:30…nothing special, just tuna with mayo and s&p, with pickles and lettuce.


I need to get some decent bread in this house. Yuck. I had an iced tea too.

I started reading The Help this afternoon in between loads of laundry and I love it so far! I couldn’t take my nose of it and started dinner a little late. Oops! This bookworm thing is becoming problematic. I had to take a break from Harry Potter since the store didn’t have the third book in the series…I’ll have to find it this weekend! It’s the only one I’m missing…

Back to dinner, I had a whole chicken to use and wanted to try something new. After some Googling and Foodgawker searching I threw together a glaze/sauce and started prepping the chicken.

All dressed and ready for roasting…


And the masterpiece…garlic mustard chicken!


I can’t wait to share the recipe because this was so delicious! It was very moist and flavorful…yum! I’ll post it soon.


I ended up having to head out to Zumba just as this was coming out of the oven but it was still good reheated. Enjoyed with sautéed kale and boiled potatoes from the garden!

I came home to find pictures of Reid’s dinner on my camera…


He’s a keeper! Winking smile 

But, this is a good example of how important natural light is for food photography! The camera was on the same settings for both, mine were just outside (well, picture #3 and #4 anyway)! Summer, don’t leave! Just a little tip for you…not that I should be giving any advice! Smile

Zumba was fantastic but it was super hot in the gym tonight…they need to crank up the AC; I was sweating even before we started! Yeah, I know…it was bad news once we started moving!

Time to stick my nose back in my book!

Are there any foods that you were hesitant to prepare but turned out to be really easy?

Whole chicken is one for me! I stayed away from it for a while but now am always surprised by how quickly it comes together (other than cooking time). Bread and other yeast recipes scared me at first, too, but it just takes a little practice!