Hi friends! Hope you’re having a relaxing Sunday!

We went to church this morning and then grabbed coffees and some other necessities, like vanilla bean ice cream. Yes, this is a necessity.

Reid went fishing a couple weeks ago and we had some striper (a white fish) in the freezer that we wanted to use up. I finally remembered to move it to the fridge to thaw yesterday so it was ready to go today. We marinated it for about 30 minutes in Italian dressing and then slapped it on the grill (on greased pizza pan to prevent it from falling apart).


Reid added some seasoned salt and pepper, but I think that’s it. I think the captain on their boat told them to prepare it this way…


I was in charge of the side dishes and made up some rice pilaf and broccoli.


So, so good. The fish was very mild and almost tasted like chicken. I like salmon better but still enjoyed this.


Especially because I didn’t have to cook it. 😉

I went out into the garden after to take some pictures…the cucumber plants are going insane! Reid pulled about 7 huge cucumbers off of one plant today. I need to make some pickles!


A giant tomato…they haven’t turned yet but there are quite a few big ones.



Grow, peppers, grow!


And some random cilantro…the only herb we planted! We had seeds leftover from last year so Reid just stuck them in there.


I’m now in the process of making a triple berry galette (free-form pie) to eat with the ice cream…


Can’t wait to try it! I’ve been wanting to make one for a while.

Anything exciting happening today? What is your favorite kind of pie?

I think raspberry is probably my favorite….though pecan is a close second. I’ve been randomly wanting to make a key lime pie for ages…not sure why!