After my run earlier I set about making some dinner…something to warm the soul! We were planning on make fish chowder will leftover striper and we got lucky…a perfect soup day!


I found this basic fish chowder recipe and decided just to roll with it. I obviously used striper instead of cod and added some garlic, red pepper flakes, cornstarch, and more butter, salt and pepper. I didn’t really measure anything but threw everything in a pot and stirred.


We had to add a little more salt in the end but overall it was pretty good! Served with some crusty French bread.

I am now munching on an apple (pink lady) and getting ready for The Bachelorette! Oh me, oh my. Smile


And Reid is in the kitchen making some dill refrigerator pickles! I like the sounds of this. Winking smile 


Mad Gab Monday!


And go!