Once I got home from work (with a stop at the salon for a quick trim of the bangs) I started gearing up for a three-miler that was scheduled. I wanted to get out this morning before work but that didn’t work out…I wasn’t going to let myself skip out!

I ate a peach (delicious!) and got dressed…I was feeling pretty shaky (low blood sugar levels) so I also had some Gatorade. And five Starbursts. I can’t seem to control myself when my blood sugar is low, remember? Winking smile


I gave the carbs some time to bring my levels up and then headed out. It was still 80 at 5:00! For this reason, and because this is the first week of training, I didn’t push myself. I tried not to look at my Garmin and just went with what I was feeling. I ended up doing three miles at a 10:30 pace. I probably could’ve picked it up a little but I’m not worried about it.


It was a hot one! I kind of hijacked Reid’s iPod since it has a clip on it…I need one! It didn’t bounce around at all and was very handy…I even created my own playlist on it. Open-mouthed smile He loves me.

And I need to just give up on these shorts already. They are just standard running shorts and they ride up like crazy!! So annoying. They’re from Old Navy but I I’ve tried the popular Nike tempo ones as well and they do the same thing. I think three miles is my limit with these and even then Body Glide is necessary. I want to try some compression shorts (i.e. spandex).




Lunch was pretty light with a salad and some crackers (my appetite has been nonexistent at lunchtime lately) so I was ready to eat my arm by the time I was done stretching. Reid requested french dip sandwiches (roast beef) and since he never really makes meal requests, I was happy to oblige.


Not exactly healthy or pretty, but yummy. I think an apple will finish off the meal…maybe with some sunflower seed spoonfuls!

Did you run today? How many miles?