Hi friends! It’s almost Friday!! Woot!

I worked this morning and then stopped by the pool for a little bit. My mom had grilled some hotdogs so I ended up eating one for lunch. Once again, I wasn’t very hungry. I ended up eating some crackers by the pool too.

Thursday night is Zumba night! Love it! I go to a 5:30 class and look forward to it every week. I am finally getting the hang of all of the songs (well, except for the new ones she throws in there) so no more stumbling around! It was a great class and I did a quick 10 minute upper body strength session afterwards. My arms were surprisingly tired from the class!

I want to keep up with strength training during half marathon training and would like to do it at least twice a week…

Reid made dinner tonight…what a guy! Tacos were on the menu and I made up a taco salad to get my veggies in.


Yes, pickles. The best part!! Smile I couldn’t even finish it though…it was huge!


I’m now contemplating dessert…a peach, an apple, or a bowl of ice cream? In the meantime, I’ll just have a spoonful or two of deliciousness…I and love and you! Winking smile


I’m still loving this song…

For some reason all of the official videos are restricted from playing on WordPress…annoying! Anyone know a way around this?

What song(s) are you loving right now?

This is random but when I went to put the (s) on song this is what it did…Sleeping half-moon

Who knew? I’m easily amused (and clueless, I guess).

Goodnight! Sleeping half-moon

Open-mouthed smile