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Hi friends! Hope you’re having a great week!!


Yesterday was extremely productive! It felt so good to get so much done. I cleaned the house, top to bottom, and even got a quick run in before dinner.

Still loving my Lulus…


I ran 3 miles in 30:46 and felt great. Runs like this are why I love running! Though the tough ones are good too…

Once home I started on dinner…glazed pork chops with garlic parmesan quinoa and a fresh veggie plate to share (made by Reid…thanks, dear!). If you haven’t tried these pork chops yet, you should. So good!! The quinoa wasn’t all that great so I’m not going to share the recipe.



Very summery and delicious.

I worked from 9-3 today and packed breakfast and lunch:

  • low-fat cottage cheese, pineapple chunks (canned), and an iced coffee
  • a chopped salad with green peppers, tomatoes and avocado, topped with leftover pork, warmed and diced…holy yum. It was gone much too fast.

I stopped at the grocery store on my way home and treated myself to some flowers! Definitely making me smile today, though I’m not much of a florist…



And on a random fashion note, I’m kind of obsessed with this gold watch that I picked up at Aldo Accessories a few weeks ago…it goes perfectly with what I have in mind for Fall!


Ah, Fall…I can’t wait for apples, cooler weather, boots, pumpkin…I could go on and on!

Favorite part of autumn?


Hi friends! Hope you had a great weekend! Did anyone lose power or have any damage from the hurricane? Thankfully it calmed down a lot before it reached us and we never lost power and only have a few branches down. I know others weren’t so lucky, though…

Saturday morning I had my mind set on getting a run in and it looked to be a perfect day, 70 and overcast. Seemingly as soon as I stepped outside, the sun started peeping through. Come on! Both of our iPod’s were dead so I set out on a silent trek. I planned to do a 3 mile loop twice and stop back at my house for water, rather than carry it with me.

I have a tough time running in the heat and I usually will let it get the best of me and quit early. Not so today! I actually enjoyed going music-less and it helped me to focus more on my pace. I stopped into Rite Aid and grabbed a few gulps of water since I figured if I went home, I might not go around again. I set a goal of 1:05 because of the heat and came in at 1:05:49…I’ll take it!


Red as a beet.


Hooray for getting back into the training groove!

My sister-in-law had her baby (a boy) on Friday so we stopped in at the hospital on Saturday…so cute!! I didn’t get a picture, though…

Some recent meals and snacks …

A garden salad and curry and grape chicken salad from Coll’s Farm stand…so delicious!! And cheap! I think it was around $4 total.



Local peaches…so juicy! I need to buy some more…


Leftovers served over a bed of sauteed kale…Reid ordered this pasta dish at a restaurant, and then the leftovers served two. Seriously.



Lunch today…spring mix with tomato and avocado, with a side of hummus and crackers.



Dressed with honey balsamic dressing. I think I could live off of avocados and avocados alone. Love.

Well, I’m off to get a run in! I haven’t decided the mileage yet… Smile

What was your favorite meal this weekend?

Hi friends! Hope you’re having an awesome week so far!

I worked from 9 to 3 today and both breakfast and lunch were eaten at my desk…cottage cheese and blueberries, a coffee, and then soup! Not very interesting…

I came home and cleaned for a bit before I got distracted by blog-reading…it always sucks me in! Smile Julie of Peanut Butter Fingers posted a recipe for Nutella Granola and I was literally in the kitchen making it within minutes.


I need to make my own granola more often! I always forget how simple it is…


I overcooked mine so the flavor was a little off but it was still good! I would probably only bake it for 15 minutes next time so it would be a little chewy…It could just be my oven, though! I didn’t add the chocolate chips yet but I might.


I still haven’t made it to the grocery store so we’re eating the fridge…egg burritos and yogurt cups.


A good amount of TJ’s salsa verde was consumed with the eggs.



Reid just brought these in from the garden…they are massive! They would’ve been great with our eggs but I’ll just slice them up to snack on…dessert, maybe? Gotta get those veggies in! Winking smile 


The kitchen needs to be cleaned and my book needs to be read! I might even fit a quick run in there, too!

Good night!

 Favorite granola combo/flavor?

Hi guys! I felt much better this morning so that started my day off on the right foot! I had an alarm set for 6:00 for an early run but we all know that I just do that to humor myself… Smile I grabbed a bagel with a little cream cheese and an iced coffee and headed off to work.

I packed leftovers from last night’s dinner for lunch…baked chicken strips with rice pilaf and broccoli (photo from last night). I made a creamy mustard sauce to go on top but it wasn’t what I was expecting and we didn’t really eat it. Experiments don’t always work but that’s okay! Before breading the chicken I dipped it into a mixture of butter, spicy brown mustard, white wine, and garlic. the chicken was pretty good on it’s own and didn’t really need a sauce anyway. Winking smile


I tweeted earlier that I was going to go for a run and it was going to be awesome…I couldn’t back out after that!! Once home from work I suited up and hit the pavement.


Well, It wasn’t as amazing as I would have liked but I still got 4 miles in…I’m declaring that this week is going to be a turning point in my training and it can only get better! I’m excited to start crossing training runs off of my schedule.


Positive thinking rules!

I was a little shaky when I got home so I sipped on some Gatorade for some quick carbs. I stretched out and hit the showers to rinse off…which is kind of a new concept for me! I’ve only just recently recognized the fact that I don’t need to wash my hair every time I shower! Since I shower before work, a quick rinse post run does the trick and feels amazing. Liberating… Open-mouthed smile 


Today I was rocking some new gear…my first Lululemon purchase!


I bought the Groove shorts after seeing them on Ashley of Healthy Happier Bear. I’ve been looking for shorts that won’t ride up on my large strong thighs and these looked hopeful because of the longer inseam.


The verdict? I love them! I was very hesitant to buy them because of the price but I already know it was worth it. No tugging at all! Yay! I may need to add a few more pairs to my stash…eventually.

Dinner consisted of burgers, chips and watermelon. I need to go grocery shopping in the worst way…


Have a good night!!

Any Lululemon favorites?

I woke up this morning after a dreadful night of sleep (or lack of), feeling like…garbage. My stomach was unsettled and my head was aching. Happy Monday, all right. I got up and showered to head in to work but I didn’t end up going and crawled back into bed instead. After a few more hours of sleep, I felt a little better but still rather annoyed. I hate being sick! 😦

I ate some peanut butter crackers for ‘breakfast’ and called it good.


I stationed myself on the couch with a book and my laptop for some blog-reading…


Rather than dwell on the fact that I don’t feel fantastic and that I missed work, I’m choosing to focus on the positive and joyful aspects of my day! Just by thinking of a few things that make me smile puts everything into a different perspective.

It’s such a beautiful, breezy day so the windows are open and the curtains are fluttering! Colbie Caillat is playing…


That makes me smile. It feels like fall!

I managed to get out for a bit and grabbed an iced coffee…


which also makes me smile! 🙂

This weekend was fun-filled and busy…some highlights:

  • a hike up Mt. Watatic on Saturday.

  • a fireworks show on Saturday night.
  • lunch al fresco at Twelve Pine yesterday.
  • an evening run last night…I only made it just over 3 miles before it got too dark but it was still awesome.

What were your weekend highlights?

I’m hoping that I feel up for a run later and I’m planning on actually making dinner tonight…it’s been a while!

How do you ‘choose joy’?

Need some money management help? Check out Errign’s post on budgeting! She’s got some great tips that I plan to utilize, like automatically putting a percentage of your income into savings, even if it’s only a small amount. I usually wait until the end of the month before transferring extra into savings but this method seems much more effective.

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