I crossed quite a bit off of my to-do list this afternoon and even read a few chapters in between tasks…this is probably why it takes me so long to get things done. 🙂 I finally found the third Harry Potter book so I can now continue with the series.

I made Annie’s spicy kale lasagna for dinner with steamed broccoli…I absolutely love this recipe! I’ve found that some vegetarian lasagnas to be bland but this has such a great flavor…and, of course, I love the spice of red pepper flakes!



My teeth are finally not so sensitive so I had a huge serving to make up for some lost calories earlier today. It hit the spot.

I planned to push my run off until tomorrow but after dinner I got a sudden burst of energy so I decided to head out. I cut it down to 3 miles (from 3.5) and tried to keep a steady pace. I should’ve waited a bit longer after dinner but I never seem to learn! My stomach wasn’t feeling so hot so I had to slow down a little. I finished up in 31 minutes.


I’m really glad I got it in! The end of this week is going to be pretty crazy so I might not get all of my workouts in later on but I’ll roll with it!

Bachelorette time!! Ben or JP?? 🙂

What did you have for dinner tonight?