Hi friends! Wow, it’s been almost a week! And what a week it was…

One of my best friends got married on Saturday and I was a bridesmaid so almost all of last week was taken up by wedding festivities. The wedding was so beautiful and everything went smoothly. I’m so happy for them!!

I didn’t get any pictures, though…too busy! I also didn’t get any workouts in or blog reading in last week…I feel so out of the loop! Smile

I didn’t sleep well last night so I quickly scarfed down some cereal and raced out the door to work this morning. I had an iced coffee too, per usual. Once home I heated up some leftover pizza from yesterday…


I wasn’t really feeling it so I kind of picked at it, and then went back for an apple.


I really needed to get a run in today since half marathon training was kind of put on hold last week so I suited up despite the high temps and humidity. I planned to get 5 miles in and grabbed my fuel belt to try to beat the heat.


I filled one bottle with water and the other with Gatorade.


I may just wear my hair like this for every run! It held up nicely.

It was crazy hot for the first mile but then it started to rain a little…it felt amazing! It didn’t last long, though, and then it was even muggier than before. I decided to cut it down to 4 miles, which then turned to 3. Open-mouthed smile You know how it is…I think I might add an extra run in this week to get my mileage up to where it should be.

Positively disgusting…yet so happy to be running again!


A week without exercise would’ve stressed me out before, especially during training, but I think it was healthier for me not to be worrying about fitting runs/workouts in last week. I decided that helping the bride out and hanging out with friends was more important and I didn’t let it bother me. But I’m ready to get back into training now! I just remind myself that a few days off is not going to undermine months of training!

Dinner was quick and just slightly boring…eggs and toast! I didn’t bother taking a picture. I feel a little dehydrated so I’m off to chug some water and read for a bit before heading to bed early.

Mad Gab Monday!


Do missed workouts stress you out? How do you handle it?