Hi guys! I felt much better this morning so that started my day off on the right foot! I had an alarm set for 6:00 for an early run but we all know that I just do that to humor myself… Smile I grabbed a bagel with a little cream cheese and an iced coffee and headed off to work.

I packed leftovers from last night’s dinner for lunch…baked chicken strips with rice pilaf and broccoli (photo from last night). I made a creamy mustard sauce to go on top but it wasn’t what I was expecting and we didn’t really eat it. Experiments don’t always work but that’s okay! Before breading the chicken I dipped it into a mixture of butter, spicy brown mustard, white wine, and garlic. the chicken was pretty good on it’s own and didn’t really need a sauce anyway. Winking smile


I tweeted earlier that I was going to go for a run and it was going to be awesome…I couldn’t back out after that!! Once home from work I suited up and hit the pavement.


Well, It wasn’t as amazing as I would have liked but I still got 4 miles in…I’m declaring that this week is going to be a turning point in my training and it can only get better! I’m excited to start crossing training runs off of my schedule.


Positive thinking rules!

I was a little shaky when I got home so I sipped on some Gatorade for some quick carbs. I stretched out and hit the showers to rinse off…which is kind of a new concept for me! I’ve only just recently recognized the fact that I don’t need to wash my hair every time I shower! Since I shower before work, a quick rinse post run does the trick and feels amazing. Liberating… Open-mouthed smile 


Today I was rocking some new gear…my first Lululemon purchase!


I bought the Groove shorts after seeing them on Ashley of Healthy Happier Bear. I’ve been looking for shorts that won’t ride up on my large strong thighs and these looked hopeful because of the longer inseam.


The verdict? I love them! I was very hesitant to buy them because of the price but I already know it was worth it. No tugging at all! Yay! I may need to add a few more pairs to my stash…eventually.

Dinner consisted of burgers, chips and watermelon. I need to go grocery shopping in the worst way…


Have a good night!!

Any Lululemon favorites?