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Hi friends! I’m definitely doing a Friday dance over here! Applefest is tomorrow!!

This week has been pretty chill, with a 3 mile run on Monday and two miles on Wednesday. I’ve been trying to hydrate really well and I’m going to have a nice stretch session in a little bit.


I’ve been carbo-loading today, even though I probably do that everyday. Winking smile I had a bagel for breakfast and a turkey sub for lunch. The whole thing somehow disappeared…


Must’ve been really hungry because it was huge! Energy!

Since I didn’t really follow my training schedule for this race (due to being super busy…not really an excuse though) I haven’t been looking forward to the race. I’ve had to adjust my goals and I have no plans on PRing.

Well, today it finally sunk in that I’m running my third half marathon tomorrow and I got really excited (and a little nervous)! Both my dad and brother are running, as well as a few other people we know (Hi Brittany! Smile), so it’s going to be a blast, no matter my pace and finish time! The temps are looking like they’ll be almost perfect at 60-65. Rain is predicted so it will be interesting. Bring on the hills!

I’m just getting my stuff together and might run to get my packet tonight. I need to get some GU’s too…nothing like last minute! I always put everything I’ll need for the race in a pile the night before. Sometimes I even make a list first so I won’t forget anything! I sleep so much better this way…


Just the beginning…fuel belt, clothes, and my Garmin (fully charged). Trust me, it will grow. I even set out my underwear! Yeah, I know.

I wore my CamelBak for this race last year but I felt like it made me too hot so I’ve decided to stick with the ever-stunning fuel belt.

Since Reid isn’t coming I won’t have anyone to take pictures so I’ll probably just carry my point and shoot camera in my belt and take pictures myself…hopefully it won’t be too heavy! Also, I think that headphones and iPods are actually allowed this year! I can’t find anything about it on the website and last year it was everywhere that they were absolutely not allowed. I may bring it just in case, though I don’t need it anymore.

Here we go!! Open-mouthed smile

Anyone else racing this weekend (or soon)? Have you read (or written) an inspiring race recaps lately? Share a link!

Meghann’s recap of her half Ironman last weekend really started to pump me up for this race! So inspiring!


Hi guys! Happy Monday!

It’s race week! I planned on getting one last long run in on Saturday but true to form (as of late), it didn’t happen. Normally I would start tapering this week but obviously there really isn’t a need. Winking smile I’m still planning on running the half on Saturday but I don’t have any expectations. Well, just to finish!

Once home from work today I made some lunch and got a few phone calls over with. Lunch was pretty delicious with a bagel sandwich and some chips.


An everything bagel with ham, cucumbers, pickles, arugula and honey mustard. It hit the spot! And dill pickle chips…have you ever tried these?? Pretty much a dream come true…if you dream of potato chips too… Winking smile

My impromptu schedule of runs this week consists of three miles today and two miles on Wednesday…nothing crazy! I suited up with what I’m planning on running in for the race (minus my fuel belt) and set out.

And almost died. Not really but it was so insanely hot. My legs felt like they were filled with lead and it was a pretty terrible run. I finished 3 miles in 31:45. Not super but it was good to stretch my legs at least. The Ke$ha Pandora station really pulled through for me today…

A nice post-run shot for you…in the spirit of oversharing I had sweat dripping down my back. Lovely!


I’ve obviously worn these clothes before but I just wanted to double-check that they wouldn’t be problematic for racing. It’s never a good idea to wear new clothes on race day! I’m not super comfortable in spandex shorts (especially around others) but I figure I’d rather be uncomfortable (for vanity’s sake) for a little while than physically uncomfortable for 2+ hours.

Saturday is looking like it won’t be too bad…I’d take cooler temperature though, if I had a choice. Smile 

I made chicken lettuce wraps for dinner and now we’re just hanging out!


I’m thinking I’ll have an apple and some chocolate for dessert…

Do you ever remember your dreams or have recurring ones?

This is something that started recently but I’ve been having dreams (or nightmares?) that there are bugs or spiders on me and I literally jump out of bed, flailing my arms and shaking out the blankets.

Yeah, I have a phobia. Open-mouthed smile

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Sequel Naturals, the company behind the Vega brand, asking if I would be interested in reviewing Brendan Brazier’s new book, Thrive Foods. Brendan is a professional Ironman triathlete and the creator of Vega, a vegan whole food plant-based product line. I jumped at the chance and was really excited when it arrived in the mail.

ThriveFoods_book_US-web_(2) In Thrive Foods, Brendan discusses his findings in his extensive research regarding plant-based nutrition and it’s affect on our energy levels, ability to recover post-workout, weight control, sleep patterns and the environment.

Brendan discusses in detail the importance of eating nutrient dense foods and the difference between macronutrients and micronutrients (macronutrients being carbohydrates, proteins, and fats and present in anything edible; micronutrients being vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants, hormones etc. and there is no guarantee that food will contain them).

A few remarks that stood out to me:

      • There is no such thing as overtraining. Issues arise when you under-recover.
      • North Americans are now an overfed yet undernourished society. So many consume empty calories while ignoring the nutritional content of their food.
      • If eating a nutrient-dense whole foods diet, portion control isn’t necessary. Your body will tell you when it’s satisfied.
      • Because of over-farming, a large percentage of our modern food supply lacks micronutrients.

Brendan shares his five Thrive guiding principles:

    1. Eliminate biological debt: acquire energy through nourishment not stimulation.
    2. Go for high-net-gain foods: make a small investment for a big return.
    3. Aim for a high percentage of raw and low-temperature-cooked foods.
    4. Choose alkaline-forming foods.
    5. Avoid common allergens.

Brendan also discusses the effect that food production (both crops and livestock) has on the environment, as well as on the food itself. Overproduction, genetic modification and pesticide-usage have effected the nutrient-density of our foods greatly. And according to, only 0.8% of the world’s total crops are grown without genetic modification and organically. Not even 1%! It’s also noted that livestock production uses 70% of all arable land (land that can be used for growing crops) and 30% of the land surface of the planet.

Included in the book are over 200 plant-based recipes and I had a list of things to make after flipping through just once. Things like a spicy lentil salad, salt and vinegar kale chips, kale and avocado salad, Indian spiced lentil burgers, and raw key lime pie…yum!

I decided to try the spicy lentil salad (from Beets Living Foods Cafe in Austin, TX) first and it did not disappoint. The flavors were great, though Reid and I both thought it tasted more like a salsa than a salad. We actually ended up scooping it up with chips! The lentils gave it a heartiness that we loved, similar to a bean salsa.



Spicy Lentil Salad, a chilled salad containing lentils, tomatoes, onion, garlic, jalapenos, and cilantro.

Overall, I found Thrive Foods to be very informative. The book didn’t lead to any drastic diet changes for me but it opened my eyes to the importance of micronutrients and reaffirmed my resolve to buy organic and locally produced foods whenever possible. It obviously focuses on a vegan plant-based diet but doesn’t ‘preach’ against meat and dairy consumption.

Check out Brendan Brazier’s Facebook page to download a Thrive Foods introduction and three recipes. You can also order Thrive Foods on Amazon.

Check out the Vega Facebook page here.

Disclaimer: I received the book Thrive Foods for free to review on my blog. As always, any opinions expressed on Will Run for Food are honest and my own.

Hi guys! Hope you’re having a great week!

I worked until one and then planned on coming home and getting a run in…and that didn’t happen. I just wasn’t feeling it. I’m kind of sick of running… Smile

Instead, I made a delicious salad for lunch and and got some guitar practice in…you know, the important things.


Chicken salad from yesterday on a bed of arugula and green peppers, sprinkled with some feta. Amazing.

I go through phases with different greens and arugula is definitely the obsession right now. Love. I’m actually still dreaming about this salad from last week…arugula topped with crumbled bacon, feta, and raspberry pomegranate vinaigrette.


Words can’t even express how good it was.


Dramatic, much? Winking smile 

So I got some studying in and then started on dinner. I picked up this enchilada sauce packet the other day and decided to make chicken enchiladas.


I boiled some chicken breast and then shredded it and mixed it with green peppers, onions, tomatoes and some sauce.


Roll up and top with sauce and cheese, bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes! Easy does it! I went a little overboard on the cheese but they were really good.


Served with apple slices, since I kind of forgot about a side dish.


‘Twas delish! And I just realized that I had chicken twice today…oh well.

We are off to church! Have a good night!

Any recent food obsessions?

Hi guys! It’s already Wednesday? Crazy. I feel like our social calendar is finally clearing up after a couple of crazy months (or weeks, at least)…while I love weddings and such, it feels really good to have some time to get things together.

And while the social side of life isn’t so hectic, the work side is pretty crazy. I’ve started taking some on-line classes (more on that later) so my free time isn’t exactly ‘free’ for a while.

Moving on…I stopped at the farm stand for some things for dinner and ended up grabbing lunch too. It’s just so convenient and delicious!


A garden salad topped with some chicken salad…yes, I eat it out of the container. Why dirty another dish? Smile The chicken salad had a little too much mayo but it was still pretty good.

So, this thought just hit me today: there are 9 days left until race day (I’m running the Applefest half marathon). Don’t panic. Breathe.


It definitely crept up on me! I haven’t really had time for too many training runs and definitely didn’t follow my training schedule. I ran 10 miles on Saturday and plan to repeat the mileage this weekend but my weekly mileage is not where it should be.

I’m just going to do what I can and go with the flow on race day! Stressing about missed runs won’t help. I know I can do the mileage but I just may not have a PR coming up. That’s okay.

I’ve also randomly added something else to my plate…you know, in all of my spare time. Winking smile


I’m attempting to teaching myself how to play the guitar!


I took lessons when I was younger but it never really clicked. Just recently I’ve been thinking that it would be neat to be able to play so I borrowed a guitar and have been hitting up YouTube for some lessons! My fingertips are crying.

I’m off to get a run in! Enjoy your afternoon!

Do you play an instrument? Which one?

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