Happy weekend!!

I had an eight mile run planned for this morning so I tried to prepare for it yesterday by hydrating, planning a route and getting to bed at a decent time…I was in bed by 10:00 but didn’t fall asleep for a few hours…argh.

My alarm was set for 6:30 but I didn’t end up getting out of bed until an hour later…I actually had a dream that it was raining and I had to push my run back! I woke up to dry ground. Smile I got dressed and fueled up with half of a bagel with veggie cream cheese and an iced coffee (which worked well, no stomach issues!).


I decided to wear my fuel belt today and packed a GU and some fruit snacks…and left a mess in my wake! No time for cleaning…not when you’re racing the heat! Open-mouthed smile


I clipped my Reid’s iPod to the belt but tucked the headphones away. I wanted to get into a good groove first! It was 60 degrees and perfect running weather. I started out slow and steady, since I knew I had some tough hills to conquer not too far into my route. When racing in New England you need to train on hills! They’re pretty much inevitable.

I kept repeating a few ‘mantras’ throughout the run…for hills, slow and steady, for downhill portions and flat areas, settle (as in, settle into a doable pace). It may sound kind of silly but it really helped a lot!! Especially the reminders to take it easy and not burn myself out.

And a big accomplishment for me…I ran the whole route without any music!!! This is huge since I would always run with headphones up until just recently. Applefest is very strict about their ‘no music’ rule so I struggled last year without it. I’m overcoming that crutch! I was very excited about that.

8.04 miles in 1:24:29, a 10:31 pace (if I remember correctly). We are making progress! I gave myself a goal of 1:30 so I was happy.


I ate my GU at mile 4.5 and I may just need to stick with that, rather than the chews. I’m not a huge fan of the texture but it worked better than trying to chew something.


Shoes, we’ve had a good run (haha) but it’s time to move on…my knees are starting to hurt!


I stretched and made some breakfast…2 eggs over easy and the other half of the bagel.


My legs were feeling pretty tight so I figured staying active would help, rather than hanging out on the couch. A clean car is a happy car! Mine is shining now.

I skipped out and grabbed some lunch from Coll’s…a garden salad with some harvest chicken salad (with dried cranberries and walnuts). An apple for munching. Lots of hydration.



Next up…making some salsa!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Music while running: yay or nay?