Hi guys! Hope you had a great week!! It’s been insane over here and I haven’t sat down at the computer for leisure for more than a few minutes each night…I’ve written so many posts in my head but haven’t had time to type them! Lots of exciting things happening and I’ll share when I can.

Today was, per usual, really busy…I ran the Viking 5K this morning…


and then went to my parents’ house and set out for 7 more miles! My first double digit run this year! I’ll recap as soon as I have a little more time…hopefully tomorrow…it was awesome, though!

I showered and ran up to the high school for my younger sister’s field hockey game. A quick stop at home afterwards and now Reid and I are off on a date!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Pick up some honeycrisp apples (and peaches) if you can…so delicious.


Did anyone else race today? What distance?