Hi guys! Happy Monday!

It’s race week! I planned on getting one last long run in on Saturday but true to form (as of late), it didn’t happen. Normally I would start tapering this week but obviously there really isn’t a need. Winking smile I’m still planning on running the half on Saturday but I don’t have any expectations. Well, just to finish!

Once home from work today I made some lunch and got a few phone calls over with. Lunch was pretty delicious with a bagel sandwich and some chips.


An everything bagel with ham, cucumbers, pickles, arugula and honey mustard. It hit the spot! And dill pickle chips…have you ever tried these?? Pretty much a dream come true…if you dream of potato chips too… Winking smile

My impromptu schedule of runs this week consists of three miles today and two miles on Wednesday…nothing crazy! I suited up with what I’m planning on running in for the race (minus my fuel belt) and set out.

And almost died. Not really but it was so insanely hot. My legs felt like they were filled with lead and it was a pretty terrible run. I finished 3 miles in 31:45. Not super but it was good to stretch my legs at least. The Ke$ha Pandora station really pulled through for me today…

A nice post-run shot for you…in the spirit of oversharing I had sweat dripping down my back. Lovely!


I’ve obviously worn these clothes before but I just wanted to double-check that they wouldn’t be problematic for racing. It’s never a good idea to wear new clothes on race day! I’m not super comfortable in spandex shorts (especially around others) but I figure I’d rather be uncomfortable (for vanity’s sake) for a little while than physically uncomfortable for 2+ hours.

Saturday is looking like it won’t be too bad…I’d take cooler temperature though, if I had a choice. Smile 

I made chicken lettuce wraps for dinner and now we’re just hanging out!


I’m thinking I’ll have an apple and some chocolate for dessert…

Do you ever remember your dreams or have recurring ones?

This is something that started recently but I’ve been having dreams (or nightmares?) that there are bugs or spiders on me and I literally jump out of bed, flailing my arms and shaking out the blankets.

Yeah, I have a phobia. Open-mouthed smile