Hi friends! I’m definitely doing a Friday dance over here! Applefest is tomorrow!!

This week has been pretty chill, with a 3 mile run on Monday and two miles on Wednesday. I’ve been trying to hydrate really well and I’m going to have a nice stretch session in a little bit.


I’ve been carbo-loading today, even though I probably do that everyday. Winking smile I had a bagel for breakfast and a turkey sub for lunch. The whole thing somehow disappeared…


Must’ve been really hungry because it was huge! Energy!

Since I didn’t really follow my training schedule for this race (due to being super busy…not really an excuse though) I haven’t been looking forward to the race. I’ve had to adjust my goals and I have no plans on PRing.

Well, today it finally sunk in that I’m running my third half marathon tomorrow and I got really excited (and a little nervous)! Both my dad and brother are running, as well as a few other people we know (Hi Brittany! Smile), so it’s going to be a blast, no matter my pace and finish time! The temps are looking like they’ll be almost perfect at 60-65. Rain is predicted so it will be interesting. Bring on the hills!

I’m just getting my stuff together and might run to get my packet tonight. I need to get some GU’s too…nothing like last minute! I always put everything I’ll need for the race in a pile the night before. Sometimes I even make a list first so I won’t forget anything! I sleep so much better this way…


Just the beginning…fuel belt, clothes, and my Garmin (fully charged). Trust me, it will grow. I even set out my underwear! Yeah, I know.

I wore my CamelBak for this race last year but I felt like it made me too hot so I’ve decided to stick with the ever-stunning fuel belt.

Since Reid isn’t coming I won’t have anyone to take pictures so I’ll probably just carry my point and shoot camera in my belt and take pictures myself…hopefully it won’t be too heavy! Also, I think that headphones and iPods are actually allowed this year! I can’t find anything about it on the website and last year it was everywhere that they were absolutely not allowed. I may bring it just in case, though I don’t need it anymore.

Here we go!! Open-mouthed smile

Anyone else racing this weekend (or soon)? Have you read (or written) an inspiring race recaps lately? Share a link!

Meghann’s recap of her half Ironman last weekend really started to pump me up for this race! So inspiring!