Hi guys! Well, I definitely didn’t plan on being gone for that long! Is anyone still here? Smile

Lots of changes have been taking place, the most important one being…


Reid and I are having a baby!!!


It’s still sinking in but we are so incredibly excited! Lord willing, he/she is due to arrive on June 15th and I’m a little over 9 weeks along.

Why no blogging? Well, if you want to see a picture of a bagel with cream cheese three times a day then sure…okay, maybe not three but that seems to be the only thing I can keep down lately. The sickness has been pretty bad and I had to stop reading food blogs for a while, since just the sight of most foods made me nauseous. I haven’t been running much but am still trying to get some exercise in…it’s even more important now to keep fit and healthy!!

I’m not sure what this means for the blog…just taking one day at a time! Hopefully I’ll be back to posting soon but with work and my business, it’s a pretty busy time.

Thanks for reading!!