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Hi guys! I’ve missed you!

Words can’t even describe how insanely busy I’ve been…working three jobs and trying to combat sickness and fatigue, all while trying to keep up with healthy eating and exercise…um, yeah. But that’s okay! Things will calm down soon…I hope!

I’ll be 12 weeks tomorrow…only one week left in the first trimester! Hooray! I’m praying the nausea subsides soon and I can get back to eating normally. After a trip to the ER last week because of dehydration (from being so sick), I am now taking some medication when it gets really bad. At least I can keep some food down now! It’s obviously not ideal but not being able to eat anything isn’t either.

I’ve really struggled with fitting workouts in but hopefully things will slow down as my energy levels come back up. I actually got in an awesome gym session last night (45 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of weights) and it felt so amazing. Though I did feel a little self conscious…I’m not obviously pregnant yet (obviously) but it’s getting harder to tighten my stomach muscles so I felt like people were thinking “someone’s been eating too much pie…better do another mile!” Leave me alone, okay? Winking smile 

I need to get this…

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After a morning of not feeling so hot I came home from work and crawled into bed. I had so much to do but just had to push it from my head because my body was screaming at me to just rest. So I did. For 3 hours. Pure bliss.

And then I made dinner. Another accomplishment! It also included a vegetable. Progress, folks! My poor husband has been living off of eggs and toast lately.


I randomly had some chicken thighs in the freezer so I decided to try something new…a quick Google search pulled up this recipe from for baked teriyaki chicken thighs…I had everything in the pantry so I was sold! It was really simple, though it took longer than I anticipated causing me to miss zumba…boo! But I guess it kind of redeemed itself because it really was delicious.


Paired with steamed broccoli and rice pilaf. And a side of vitamins. Yum.


Reid’s working late (which is why he couldn’t finish dinner) so I’m getting some work done and then snuggling up on the couch…with my awesome slippers. Reid groans every time I put them on. Open-mouthed smile


And because these make me laugh every time…

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Obviously from Pinterest

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