Why, hello there! It’s been a little while… Winking smile Life has just gotten too busy these days and sadly there hasn’t been much time to sit down and write. But we’re here now and that’s all that matters…well, at least I’m here. Hopefully some of you are still around. Open-mouthed smile

It is freezing in New England today (go Patriots, btw!) and a hot breakfast sounded good…but not eggs or oatmeal. So what else is there? A grilled pb & banana sandwich, of course. I felt like a little kid eating it but it sure was delicious! I added some granola for some crunch but it didn’t stay that crunchy. A glass of milk topped it off and we headed to church.


Time really is flying by and I’m already 21 weeks (I’m pregnant, if you forgot…I sometimes do, or would like to). I feel like we haven’t had time to even process this yet and it’s already half over. Help!

There is still so much to do but I feel like we are making a little progress.

Lots of reading and researching…we actually have a few names picked out and that was one thing I was most nervous about.


A few cloth diapers have been purchased…isn’t it just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? No? The things I get excited over these days…


Our first big purchase…swoon! Love at first…stroll? It really is amazing.


We looked at paint colors last night for the nursery but haven’t settled on one yet…things are getting done! Yippee!

As far as the whole pregnancy thing goes, I thought I would enjoy it more than I do, if I’m being honest. Maybe it’s just the stage I’m at but I can only imagine that it’s not going to get much better. I feel good most of the time (still kind of nauseous in the mornings) but I’m hormonal and uncomfortable. My clothes don’t fit. Maternity clothes don’t fit. Running is uncomfortable and I just want to run!! Smile Okay, I’m done now…I know it will be worth it in the end.

My diet is pretty much back to normal (no more bagels three times a day) and I am still going to Zumba once a week…I really want to get to the gym more often and need to start putting it on my daily schedule. Yes, it’s that bad. I’ve gained 8-9 pounds so far so hopefully I won’t be too far off of the goal of 20-25 total. It’s a little hard to get used to the scale going up and it being a good thing. Smile

We had our anatomy scan ultrasound last week and everything looks good and baby is on track as far as growth goes. That was a big relief since being diabetic (I’m Type 1) can mean certain complications. They are even making it an option to see the high-risk OB, rather than mandatory, since everything looks so good. We still haven’t decided if we will book those extra appointments or not. Between my monthly OB appointments and meeting with the diabetes specialist, I’m not sure I can handle more doctors! We decided not to find out the sex so it will be a surprise in June!

Side note: I’ve started to be able to feel the bean kick and move around this week! So weird but completely awesome too.

I’ve been taking progress photos and I think I’m finally starting to look pregnant, rather than just having eaten too much ice cream (though, yes, I have been eating too much ice cream). I’m not sure what I was thinking when I chose a striped shirt…really?? Winking smile Don’t mind the complete awkwardness and bad lighting, the one random outfit, etc.






So there you go! I’m going to go cry over the ultrasound pictures now (“Reid, there really is a baby in there!!”)… Open-mouthed smile I’m good at that…