Hi guys! Hope you had a good Monday! Today ended up being a good day…surprising since I generally hate Mondays. I got out of work at 3 and it was 45 degrees…in February! Wow, have we been spoiled this year!

I decided to try to go for a run since I didn’t have any meetings scheduled…I couldn’t waste a beautiful afternoon (especially after my rant yesterday)! I fueled up in the best way possible…


I made a batch of cupcakes (chocolate/peanut butter) for our Superbowl party and unfortunately there were some leftovers.

I had to chuckle when I went to zip up my jacket…it probably won’t be zipping for much longer!


I set out slowly on my usual 3-mile loop with plans to walk if I needed to, especially if things got uncomfortable. It was a little strange at first, since the belly definitely alters my form. I had to keep pulling my shoulders back…they wanted to slouch over the bump (can we call it that yet?)! I walked a few times but overall it was an awesome run! I’m so glad I got out there and the fresh air was wonderful. Oh to be training for a race!

For dinner I made a quick baked penne dish with spicy Italian sausage and mozzarella cheese…I used jarred sauce so it was really quick. I was surprised that it was so good! Lots of leftovers for lunches this week is an added bonus.


I wish I had remembered to make some broccoli for a side but ‘pregnancy brain’ is in full force and I remembered when we were sitting down to eat. Seriously, it’s no joke…I make lists and then forget to look at them.

I haven’t really had any weird food cravings but I could eat fruit, ice cream, and potato chips everyday, though not all together. That’s probably not much different than normal, though. 😀 One day I did mention something to Reid that sounded good (I can’t remember what it was) and his response was, “I’ll ask you about that after you have the baby and you can tell me what sounds good about that!” Ha!

I do miss coffee, which doesn’t taste very good anymore. I’ll have it every once in a while but definitely not everyday like before. I guess that’s kind of a good thing!

Time for The Bachelor and an apple for a snack!