And eat it too, right?

Good morning!! Today is my birthday so I had to start celebrating first thing. I’ve been wanting some blueberry pancakes so I decided to whip some up…if this is the only birthday ‘cake’ I get I’ll be all set! Well, I’ll take some real cake too, if I must…



I think Reid should have been making this but that’s beside the point… 😉





Sweet bliss.

I have work to do but I really don’t feel like doing any of it today. Anyone need a job as my assistant?? 🙂 I’d rather just watch TV…

Pioneer Woman, anyone? If not, I don’t blame you… 😉 I think blogging is her better platform. (Don’t mind the mount situation…Reid needs to move it down but it keeps getting put off.)


I’ve actually been kind of addicted to Shark Tank…love that show! Does anyone else watch it? I love being surprised when a product seems ridiculous and it’s actually a multi-million dollar business and the sharks all fight over a deal.