Hi guys! Hope you’ve had a great weekend so far! Our house was in much need of a cleaning so I made my list and started bright and early…okay, so maybe it was 9:00 before I rolled out of bed…whatever. I need to enjoy it now, right?

We are pretty low on groceries so I whipped up a smoothie and an english muffin. Very filling and so very good.


I never measure the ingredients for smoothies and always end up with too much. Thankfully Reid finished off the extra serving. Into the blender went milk, french vanilla yogurt, spinach, vanilla protein powder and frozen blueberries and raspberries. Quite the protein punch!


Guess who’s back?


Hello, my love. I’ve missed you.

After chowing down I powered through my list and finished up some other work that I had been putting off. Reid was busy in the nursery…we started with this…



And finished with this!




I can’t seem to get away from this shade of green!! We originally planned on a yellow and gray color scheme but I kept going back to this color. It’s very similar to our downstairs bathroom, even though we picked out a new color (Behr Lemongrass). I can’t remember the name of the lighter color but I used the roll of linen in the picture as my inspiration. I was trying to describe to Reid what I was looking for and all I could come up with was ‘oatmeal.’ Yes, I think in food.

I guess it’s just my color! You can see it splashed around our house in this tour I did a while ago. I’ve since switched out our comforter set on our bed and will probably use the one pictured on the bed in the nursery. I’m all for repurposing and reusing.

I can’t wait to start setting up furniture and getting the rest of the décor!

Do you find yourself drawn to a particular color?