What a long day! We didn’t really do much but I’m still exhausted. She may be small but she has lots of energy, and a screech that I’m sure the neighbors can hear!


I ran some errands this morning and grabbed a coffee…pumpkin with milk! I have to get my fill while it’s around…so good.


For lunch I made some brown rice (in the microwave…I don’t recommend it) and added leftover beans from dinner last night. Umm, it sounded good in my head. It wasn’t. But I still ate it.


I had some dark chocolate chips for dessert. So addicting!


I wanted to get a run in today but the afternoon got away from me and before I knew it, it was getting dark. I got some cleaning done during naptime and made a quick dinner of chicken caesar salads (with a side of bad lighting).


Matilda is finally sleeping (she has been fighting it so much lately) and we’re watching the finale of the first season of The Newsroom. Have you watched this show?? It’s the best.

Tomorrow I will get a workout in! Hold me to it! 🙂