I ended up getting a bad headache last night so I didn’t get around to blogging. We just hung out around the house…not very exciting!

We are very low on groceries (I’m not sure we have even one slice of bread) so I made some eggs and hash browns. I picked these up to make for Reid during the week but they take a while to cook, and who feels like spending an extra 10 minutes on potatoes at 5:30 in the morning? Not me.


It was good, but greasy. 😉 I’m still not hungry 5 hours later…

Matilda and I hung out, played a little, and then it was bath time and nap time. Love baby toes!


I think she’s outgrowing her tub. 😦

I quickly whipped up the cake part of a pumpkin roll while she was sleeping…it smells delicious. And yes, I love pumpkin everything and get my fair share in this time of year.


Side note: does anyone else have this measuring cup?? It has just about every measurement you could ever need and it’s one of my favorite kitchen tools. I love it for stuff like pumpkin, ketchup, oil or honey since you just push the bottom up to get it out, rather than having to scrape out a measuring cup. My mom had one and I found this one at a garage sale…it’s probably an antique.


I pulled out the juicer so I think a fresh juice will serve as lunch…I need to balance out my greasy breakfast! I’m thinking carrot, apple, and spinach sounds good…then it’s off to the grocery store!

See you later!