I hope everyone is safe and sound!! We were very lucky and didn’t lose power at all, though people in the surrounding towns are still in the dark. I woke up this morning to the sun shining! It was a welcome sight.

Lunch and dinner yesterday weren’t anything special but they were good!

A honey mustard crispy chicken salad…


And four cheese ravioli with marinara. Both were premade for a quick and easy dinner. I didn’t really want to start making something and then lose power. Or that’s just the excuse I used to be lazy. 😉


Mint chocolate chip ice cream and a chocolate for dessert. The green kind, since the white kind just doesn’t taste as good.


I was kind of hoping to lose power so I had an excuse to eat the entire carton of ice cream for dinner…though we have a generator, so there’s that.

Matilda slept for almost 13 hours last night (a record) and we both woke up around 9…I think she likes sleep as much as I do! It’ll come back to bite us when we have to get her up for school. I think it’s also a guarantee that any future children will be up every hour for at least two years.

I made a sweet and salty breakfast of an english muffin with butter and greek yogurt with chocolate chips. Yeah, I could probably find a healthier topping but this is just so delicious!


If you’re in the area, do you have power? Any home damage?