Hi all!

Matilda is still sick…she’s been fighting a fever today but it’s not too high so hopefully it’ll go away soon! I feel so bad for her! She was up every couple of hours last night so we got off to a slow start this morning.

Happily playing after a dose of medicine!


When we finally sat down to eat breakfast it was 11:00 and I was starving. Reid whipped up a fresh juice for me (he stuck with coffee Winking smile) while I manned the stove. What a guy!


Apple, carrot, spinach, and cucumber…it was amazing.

I made us eggs, bacon, and hash browns…they were equally delicious.


Topped it off with some of this!


So good.

We’ve just been hanging out at home…I convinced Reid to finally paint the office/den! The Eighties called and wanted their paneling back.


We got one coat of primer on and called it a day. I hate painting! Hopefully we can get it done quickly, though, because our living room currently looks like this.


It’s a bad situation.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!