It’s been a quiet day over here! We decided to stay home from church since Tilly still isn’t back to normal yet and watched it online instead. The extra hour of sleep was glorious, wasn’t it?

Reid made us breakfast this morning and whipped up some omelets…two eggs, bacon, tons of veggies, and cheddar.


Very tasty, indeed. He also made fresh juice…with pretty much every veggie we had in the fridge!


‘Orange juice’, made with carrots, celery, tomato, apple, pear, spinach, and who knows what else! It was…healthy. 😉 It wasn’t horrible but I do prefer the other combo we’ve been making. I also had a pumpkin iced coffee but didn’t take a picture…I’m sure you can imagine what that looked like.

I decided to make a pasty for lunch, at Reid’s request. I’ve never made them before but we had them occasionally growing up (I don’t think my mom ever made them…she would buy them from someone at our church). It’s a meat and veggie hand pie of sorts, though I chose to make it in a pie dish rather than make individual ones. My mother-in-law makes it this way so I decided to give it a whirl!

Ready for the oven…


While it was baking, I ate a tootsie roll to hold me over…I was so hungry!


Didn’t exactly do the trick but it was still good! 🙂 It was the last of the leftover Halloween candy and I’m glad it’s gone.



Served with ketchup since that’s how we always ate it. It was delicious and I went back for seconds. Total comfort food!


We are heading to my parents’ house soon for family night! Enjoy your evening!