I stayed up way too late last night watching election coverage and I was really dragging this morning. Matilda has started getting up to eat during the night again…I need to change that ASAP! Winking smile If only it were that easy.

Once we were up for the day I made myself breakfast. I wasn’t in the mood for eggs so I had some vanilla bean greek yogurt topped with Kashi cereal, some defrosted raspberries and some mini chocolate chips.


It was basically dessert. I loved how tart the raspberries were…it balanced out the sweetness of everything else! I am definitely more of a savory breakfast lover but it’s nice to change things up.

After playtime Matilda went down for a nap and I changed into workout clothes. I was determined to get moving today! I did this workout that The Fitnessista posted the other day. It was great! You do it for time and it took me just under 20 minutes…with lots of breaks! I was a mess by the end.


Totally random but as I was taking that picture I heard a strange noise…I looked out the window and our neighbor’s horses had gotten out and were running around our yard!


The best picture I could get…it scared me so bad at first. Then they trotted back into their pasture and that was that. Smile

Once Tilly was up we ran some errands and I grabbed Subway for lunch. I got a turkey sub with veggies and oil/vinegar. It hit the spot.


And a diet coke. Sometimes it’s just necessary.


Enjoy your afternoon!

What’s on the menu for dinner tonight?

I’m making cashew chicken…I’ve been dreaming of it! I’ll be sure to share the recipe soon…it’s so good. And the leftovers are even better.