I had my standard breakfast this morning, an egg wrap. I’m not usually feeling very creative in the morning!


Tazo Passion tea sweetened with a little sugar.


Can you believe I had hot tea? I had to after seeing this:


So not ready for it! I don’t think it’ll last long, though…fingers crossed.

We hung out at home playing, cleaning and napping. Well, Matilda napped while I ran around trying to get as much done as possible. You never know how long she’ll sleep so it’s a mad dash while she does! I got the floors vacuumed and mopped, as well as some work done. Success!

For lunch I heated up some leftover cashew chicken from last night. I’m still tweaking this recipe but I’ll share it soon! It’s so good, and even better the next day. The cashews soften a bit from the sauce…yum. We had it with rice last night but I skipped it today. I want to make some rice pudding with the leftovers!


A juicy pear made a great side.


I had some shrimp in the freezer so I decided to make some shrimp scampi for dinner. I didn’t realize that the shrimp wasn’t peeled or deveined (I’ve only purchased cooked shrimp in the past so I guess I didn’t really read the package) so that was a little interesting! Definitely a first but it was so worth it!


Between the two of us we polished off the pan! So tasty and very flavorful. Using raw shrimp (rather than precooked) and fresh lemon juice made such a difference.


I had a root beer as a treat! Smile It’s really weird because before I had Matilda I couldn’t even stand the smell of root beer. I’ve always hated it but now I love it!


I really should get a workout in…but I really just want to make some cookies instead!