I’m Ashley.

Runner, baker, wife, new mom…and so much more! I love to workout (most of the time) and spend time in the kitchen, trying out new recipes. My husband, Reid, and our daughter, Matilda (born in May 2012) make life worthwhile. Iced coffee also helps.


I started running in August 2009. My first attempt at half marathon training lead to a stress injury in my tibia so I had to take a two month break. After the injury I started to slowly run again and ran my first half marathon on April 11th, 2010 in 2 hours and 32 minutes! It was both amazing and painful, but so worth it. I ran my second half marathon in September 2010 and my third in September 2011! I love strength training and am a recent Zumba addict…see this post for more information on how I keep up a (semi) regular fitness routine.


I started Will Run for Food when I decided that I was not very happy with my eating habits.  I just love food, all food! I started to incorporate healthier options into my diet and started a food journal to track my caloric intake. I have been trying to clean up my diet as much as possible, choosing whole foods over processed and refined foods.

I don’t cut out any certain foods completely, but rather choose to enjoy pretty much everything, in moderation of course (I don’t drink alcohol, though). When baking, I don’t usually "healthify" recipes since dessert is supposed to be indulgent, right? I love cooking and baking and will share new recipes as I try them!


I was diagnosed in December 2007 with Type 1 Diabetes. I wear an insulin pump and have learned how to control it so that I can still enjoy the foods that I love! People usually assume that diabetics are restricted to sugar-free foods and no sweets but I have learned otherwise and enjoy all food in moderation.

So, here it is! A peek into how I am learning to balance the sweet treats with healthier eats and exercise! A place to share recipes, meals, workouts, outfits, and other random happenings…I hope you stick around!

I’d love to hear from you…send me an email at willrunforfood @ live.com.

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Disclaimer: I am not a registered dietitian or a personal trainer. I share what I have learned from personal experience and what works for me. Always consult a doctor before starting a new fitness or meal plan.